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Judy Bokor is a registered psychologist with more than 25 years clinical experience. She has worked in Sydney in both the public and private sectors. Judy has been running her own private practice since June 2000. Enabling people to enjoy their lives more is her passion.


Inner West Psychologists provide a safe and friendly environment to treat pain and stress management, post-traumatic stress disorder, trauma debriefing, depression, phobias, panic disorders and hypnosis for pregnant women among other counselling services.


All treatment is evidence based and informed by a philosophy of warmth and welcome. It is eclectic, responsive, individualized and comprehensive. The aim is to foster durable change in a sensitive, friendly and understanding atmosphere.

Inner West Psychologists work within a philosophy of warmth and welcome to enable clients to self-manage their conditions in a sensitive, friendly and understanding atmosphere.

Treatment is responsive, individualized and comprehensive, using a broad range of theoretical orientations and strategies, to provide evidence based interventions.

Judy Bokor

Please call or email to discuss treatment options and make an appointment:

0419 48 12 75

Ground Floor, 30 Floss St. Hurlstone Park NSW 2193
Appointments available Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday

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